Lottie Hanson photographer Chris Pepper

Transgressions is our biennial weekend of performances, discussion and workshops

Transgressions2023 - Who We Are

Dance artists and members of the public came together to explore the effects of ageing on artist’s work, and whether greater diversity in the age of artists making and performing work gives audiences a richer dance experience.

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Unfortunately, like so many events Transgressions2021 was cancelled. We were excited to continue working with Okarukas Dance Theatre culminating in a powerful performance on screen and live in Princes Quay Shopping Centre.

Transgressions2019 - Mixing it up

Birds-Okarukas Dance Theatre
Photographer: Jevgenija Cholodova
I wish to be a blossom of a fern-Aura Dance Theatre
Photographer: Svetlana Batura
KAYA-Ceyda Tanc Dance
Photographer: Amber Tanc
Rosetta Grim Visions in collaboration with Živilė Virkutytė
Photographer: Brian Slater
Goof Off
One Last Dance -An Chead Damhsa - Instant Dissidence
Photographer: Juliet Davis
Smudge Flexer and Sandiland
Photographer: Yael Flexer

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“The relaxed atmosphere in various parts of the festival was great. I loved being able to chat to the artists and discuss work”   Audience member 2019

“One of the best things that I have ever seen” Audience member 2019